Heard about GDPR?

Want to know how it affects your business?

Worried about what you need to do and have in place?

This short course is for you. There is lots of information about GDPR available but very little step by step support. So I have devised this 12 step challenge which will focus on the key elements you need to put into place. You can work through each step, understanding how this relates to your business and taking action that suits your business. When you have questions, there is a Facebook group where you can pop in or if you are not on facebook, just use the question forum on the training page.  

Who am I? I am Lesley Cooley, a qualified data protection officer with 15 years experience supporting businesses to meet the legislative requirements around data protection. I am also a qualified risk manager, level 5 coach and mentor, part qualified accountant, qualified information security auditor, qualified change manager and a part qualified accountant. I'll be here to help you through the sticky questions and provide assurance along the way. 

You have access to the programme for a whole year, more than enough time to get the basics in place and you have support in the Q&A forums. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    How to navigate the Challenge

    • Navigating the challenge

  • 2

    Step 1 - GDPR The Basics

    • GDPR - The Basics

    • GDPR Basics Quiz

  • 3

    Step 2 - Data Controller

    • Data Controller

    • Data Controller Quiz

  • 4

    Step 3 - Data Processor

    • Data Processor Obligations

  • 5

    Step 4 - Legal basis and Consent

    • Legal Basis and Consent

  • 6

    Step 5 - Collection Notices

    • Collection Notices or Privacy Notices - whichever label you prefer :-)

  • 7

    Step 6 - Email Marketing

    • Email Marketing

    • Email Marketing Quiz

  • 8

    Step 7 - Data Audit

    • Data Audit Demo

    • Data Audit Spreadsheet

  • 9

    Step 8 - Cloud Storage

    • Cloud Storage

    • Cloud Storage Checklist

  • 10

    Step 9 - Sharing

    • Step 9 - Sharing Information

  • 11

    Step 10 - Retention

    • Step 10 - Retention and Destruction

  • 12

    Step 11 - Individuals Rights

    • Individuals Rights and what they mean for you

  • 13

    Step 12 - Policies, Data Protection, Privacy and more

    • Policies & More

  • 14

    Resources Area

    • Personal Information

Wondering how your personal information will be used?

You will be asked to set up a student account with Thinkific. Your payment details are retained by Stripe, our card processor. Your name and email address will then be used to send you a reminder to keep you on track. You have access to this programme for 12 months after which your enrolment will cease.  Your details will be retained for accounting purposes for a period of 7 years in line with legal requirements.